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Discover our properties past and present, where big ideas become breakthroughs

  • Campus 244

    Atlanta, GAOffice409,000 sq ft (projected)Under Development
  • 221 W 6th Street

    Austin, TXOffice389,503 sq ft Active
  • 600 Congress

    Austin, TXOffice543,521 sq ft Active
  • Foundry I & II

    Austin, TXOffice243,200 sq ft Active
  • 2 Harbor

    Boston, MALab418,000 sq ft (projected)Under Development
  • 27 Drydock Avenue

    Boston, MALab, Office289,600 sq ft Active
  • 53 State Street

    Boston, MAOffice, Retail1,255,000 sq ft Active
  • 80 East Berkeley

    Boston, MALab300,000 sq ft (projected)Under Development
  • Center Plaza

    Boston, MAOffice741,000 sq ft Active
  • One Brattle Square

    Cambridge, MAOffice97,000 sq ft Active
  • Southline Boston

    Boston, MALab, Office750,000 sq ft Active
  • Wellesley Gateway North

    Wellesley, MALab, Office227,000 sq ft Active
  • Wellesley Gateway South

    Wellesley, MALab, Office122,730 sq ft Active
  • Pearl East Innovation Campus

    Boulder, COLab, Office296,000 sq ft Active
  • Wilderness Labs

    Boulder, COLab50,500 sq ft Active
  • 1 North Dearborn

    Chicago, ILOffice938,000 sq ft Active
  • 1375 West Fulton

    Chicago, ILLab, Office300,000 sq ft Active
  • 190 South LaSalle

    Chicago, ILOffice798,000 sq ft Active
  • 303 East Wacker

    Chicago, ILOffice944,000 sq ft ActiveCase Study
  • 330 North Wabash

    Chicago, ILOffice1,223,000 sq ft Active
  • 425 South Financial Place

    Chicago, ILOfficeActive
  • 515 North State

    Chicago, ILOffice651,000 sq ft Active
  • Central Standard Building

    Chicago, ILOffice1,056,000 sq ft Active
  • Hyde Park Labs

    Chicago, ILLab302,000 sq ft (projected)Under Development
  • 169 Inverness

    Englewood, COOffice117,000 sq ft Active
  • 1700 Broadway at The Atrium

    Denver, COOffice417,000 sq ft Active
  • 1740 Broadway at The Atrium

    Denver, COOffice114,000 sq ft (projected)Under Development
  • 1800 Larimer

    Denver, COOffice546,000 sq ft Active
  • 1801 Wewatta Street

    Denver, COOffice101,000 sq ft Active
  • Steel House

    Denver, COOffice296,000 sq ft (projected)Under Development
  • Tabor Center

    Denver, COOffice600,000 sq ft Active
  • The Circa Building

    Denver, COOffice100,000 sq ft Active
  • Bank of America Tower

    Houston, TXOffice780,000 sq ft Active
  • Dynamic One at TMC Helix Park

    Houston, TXLab, Office750,000 sq ft Active
  • 101 North Brand

    Glendale, CAOffice408,000 sq ft Active
  • 1055 East Colorado

    Pasadena, CAOffice179,000 sq ft Active
  • 1440 S Sepulveda Blvd

    Los Angeles, CAOffice112,000 sq ft Active
  • 800 North Brand

    Glendale, CAOffice530,000 sq ft ActiveCase Study
  • Pacific Concourse

    Los Angeles, CAOffice323,000 sq ft Active
  • 575 Fifth Avenue

    New York, NYOffice506,000 sq ft Active
  • 707 Eleventh Ave

    New York, NYLab195,200 sq ft Future Development
  • 875 Sixth Ave

    New York, NYOffice264,800 sq ft Active
  • 1201 Sumneytown

    Lower Gwynedd, PALab800,000 sq ft Future Development
  • Spring House Innovation Park

    Gwynedd Township, PALab, Office424,000 sq ft Active
  • Offices at Gateway

    Salt Lake City, UTOffice446,000 sq ft Active
  • 405 Industrial

    San Carlos, CALab212,000 sq ft (projected)Under Development
  • 44 Montgomery

    San Francisco, CAOffice692,000 sq ft Active
  • 655 Montgomery

    San Francisco, CAOffice273,000 sq ft Active
  • Berkeley Commons

    Berkeley, CALab516,000 sq ft (projected)Under Development
  • Lake Merritt Plaza

    Oakland, CAOffice538,000 sq ft Active
  • RATIO Innovation Campus

    Emeryville, CALab, Office230,000 sq ft Active
  • Southline San Francisco

    San Francisco, CALab2,100,000 sq ft (projected)Under Development
  • Townsend Center

    San Francisco, CAOffice704,000 sq ft Active
  • 112 at Twelfth

    Bellevue, WAOffice492,000 sq ft Active
  • Blanchard Plaza

    Seattle, WAOffice263,000 sq ft Active
  • Elliott Bay Labs

    Seattle, WALab80,000 sq ft Active
  • Met Park

    Seattle, WAOffice389,000 sq ft Active
  • 2445 M Street

    Washington, DCOffice298,000 sq ft Active
  • Avocet Tower

    Bethesda, MDOffice369,000 sq ft Active
  • Framework

    Shady Grove, MDLab, Office439,000 sq ft Active
  • Lafayette Centre

    Washington, DCOffice784,000 sq ft Active
  • Metro Park

    Alexandria, VAOffice1,157,000 sq ft Active
  • Pentagon Center

    Arlington, VAOffice1,013,000 sq ft Active
  • Terrell Place

    Washington, DCOffice523,000 sq ft Active
  • 116 Huntington

    Boston, MAOffice270,000 sq ft Sold
  • 160 Federal

    Boston, MAOffice366,000 sq ft Sold
  • 177 Huntington

    Boston, MAOffice206,000 sq ft Sold
  • 2 Morrissey Boulevard

    Boston, MAOffice425,000 sq ft Sold
  • 200 State Street

    Boston, MAOffice310,000 sq ft Sold
  • 215 First Street

    Cambridge, MAOffice309,000 sq ft Sold
  • 230 Congress

    Boston, MAOffice155,000 sq ft Sold
  • 745 Atlantic

    Boston, MAOffice170,000 sq ft Sold
  • Bay Colony Corporate Center

    Waltham, MAOffice993,000 sq ft Sold
  • Channel Center

    Boston, MAOffice840,000 sq ft Sold
  • Draper Building

    Cambridge, MAOffice475,000 sq ft Sold
  • Fort Point Place

    Boston, MAOffice282,000 sq ft Sold
  • John Hancock Tower Portfolio

    Boston, MAOffice1,785,000 sq ft SoldCase Study
  • One Beacon Street

    Boston, MAOffice1,017,000 sq ft Sold
  • One Financial Center

    Boston, MAOffice1,302,000 sq ft Sold
  • One First Street

    Cambridge, MAOffice210,000 sq ft Sold
  • One Kendall Square

    Cambridge, MALab, Office661,000 sq ft Sold
  • One, Two & Ten Canal Park

    Cambridge, MA426,000 sq ft Sold
  • Technology Square

    Cambridge, MAOffice1,158,000 sq ft Sold
  • The Newbury

    Boston, MAOffice575,000 sq ft Sold
  • 10 & 120 South Riverside

    Chicago, ILOffice1,369,000 sq ft Sold
  • 180 North LaSalle

    Chicago, ILOffice769,000 sq ft Sold
  • 200 South Wacker

    Chicago, ILOffice759,000 sq ft Sold
  • 222 South Riverside Plaza

    Chicago, ILOffice1,184,000 sq ft Sold
  • 300 South Wacker

    Chicago, ILOffice532,000 sq ft Sold
  • 333 West Wacker

    Chicago, ILOffice826,000 sq ft Sold
  • 550 W. Washington

    Chicago, ILOffice372,000 sq ft Sold
  • One Financial Place

    Chicago, ILOffice1,019,000 sq ft Sold
  • Dallas Portfolio

    Dallas, TXOffice1,335,000 sq ft Sold
  • 1125 17th Street

    Denver, COOffice489,000 sq ft Sold
  • 410 17th Street

    Denver, COOffice419,000 sq ft Sold
  • Civic Center Plaza

    Denver, COOffice586,000 sq ft Sold
  • Dominion Towers

    Denver, COOffice589,000 sq ft Sold
  • Park Central

    Denver, COOffice550,000 sq ft Sold
  • The Hub North

    Denver, COOffice111,000 sq ft Sold
  • The Hub South

    Denver, COOffice277,000 sq ft Sold
  • Wells Fargo Center

    Denver, COOffice1,212,000 sq ft Sold
  • 10 Universal City Plaza

    Los Angeles, CAOffice774,000 sq ft Sold
  • 1000 Wilshire

    Los Angeles, CAOffice472,000 sq ft Sold
  • 17421 Von Karman

    Irvine, CAOffice118,000 sq ft Sold
  • 1888 Century Park East

    Los Angeles, CAOffice474,000 sq ft Sold
  • 400/450 North Brand

    Glendale, CAOffice437,000 sq ft Sold
  • 444 South Flower

    Los Angeles, CAOffice891,000 sq ft Sold
  • 5161 Lankershim

    North Hollywood, CAOffice197,000 sq ft Sold
  • 600 Wilshire

    Los Angeles, CAOffice311,000 sq ft Sold
  • 707 Wilshire (Aon Center)

    Los Angeles, CAOffice1,104,000 sq ft Sold
  • BP Plaza

    Los Angeles, CAOffice1,422,000 sq ft Sold
  • Figueroa Plaza

    Los Angeles, CAOffice615,000 sq ft Sold
  • One California Plaza

    Los Angeles, CAOffice1,037,000 sq ft Sold
  • Pasadena Towers

    Pasadena, CAOffice454,000 sq ft Sold
  • Tower Burbank

    Burbank, CAOffice464,000 sq ft Sold
  • Trillium Tower

    Woodland Hills, CAOffice656,000 sq ft Sold
  • 100 Wall Street

    New York, NYOffice473,000 sq ft Sold
  • 1211 Avenue of the Americas

    New York, NYOffice1,854,000 sq ft Sold
  • 1633 Broadway

    New York, NYOffice2,607,000 sq ft Sold
  • 195 Broadway

    New York, NYOffice1,037,000 sq ft Sold
  • 222 Broadway

    New York, NYOffice784,000 sq ft Sold
  • 30 Independence

    Warren, NJOffice211,000 sq ft Sold
  • 330 Hudson

    New York, NYOffice473,000 sq ft Sold
  • 85 Broad Street

    New York, NYOffice1,114,000 sq ft SoldCase Study
  • One Financial Square

    New York, NYOffice1,132,000 sq ft Sold
  • Park Avenue Atrium

    New York, NYOffice1,219,000 sq ft Sold
  • Westchester One

    White Plains, NYOffice909,000 sq ft Sold
  • Power + Light Building

    Portland, OROffice268,000 sq ft Sold
  • San Diego Tech Center

    San Diego, CALab, Office647,000 sq ft Sold
  • Wateridge Plaza

    San Deigo, CAOffice269,000 sq ft Sold
  • 100 California

    San Francisco, CAOffice273,000 sq ft Sold
  • 100 First Plaza

    San Francisco, CAOffice465,000 sq ft Sold
  • 120 Howard Street

    San Francisco, CAOffice142,000 sq ft Sold
  • 160 West Santa Clara

    San Jose, CAOffice228,000 sq ft Sold
  • 201 California

    San Francisco, CAOffice262,000 sq ft Sold
  • 221 Main

    San Francisco, CAOffice385,000 sq ft Sold
  • 233 Fremont

    San Francisco, CAOffice386,000 sq ft Sold
  • 50 Beale

    San Francisco, CAOffice661,000 sq ft Sold
  • 535 Mission

    San Francisco, CAOffice307,000 sq ft Sold
  • 600 California

    San Francisco, CAOffice346,000 sq ft Sold
  • 888 Brannan

    San Francisco, CAOffice443,000 sq ft Sold
  • Mathilda Research Centre I

    Sunnyvale, CAOffice267,000 sq ft Sold
  • Mathilda Research Centre II

    Sunnyvale, CAOffice158,000 sq ft Sold
  • One Sansome Street

    San Francisco, CAOffice550,000 sq ft Sold
  • Rincon Center

    San Francisco, CAOffice547,000 sq ft Sold
  • The Campus at 3333 (Phases I - III)

    Santa Clara, CAOffice1,645,000 sq ft Sold
  • The Crossroads

    San Mateo, CAOffice403,000 sq ft Sold
  • 1201 Third Avenue

    Seattle, WAOffice1,189,000 sq ft Sold
  • 901 5th Avenue

    Seattle, WAOffice536,000 sq ft Sold
  • 909 5th Avenue

    Seattle, WAOffice132,000 sq ft Sold
  • City Center Bellevue

    Bellevue, WAOffice490,000 sq ft Sold
  • City Center Plaza

    Bellevue, WAOffice572,000 sq ft Sold
  • Columbia Center

    Seattle, WAOffice1,553,000 sq ft Sold
  • Eastgate

    Bellevue, WAOffice311,000 sq ft Sold
  • Exchange Building

    Seattle, WAOffice309,000 sq ft Sold
  • Key Center

    Bellevue, WAOffice480,000 sq ft Sold
  • Lincoln Executive Center

    Bellevue, WAOffice289,000 sq ft Sold
  • Maritime Building

    Seattle, WAOffice211,000 sq ft Sold
  • Millennium Tower

    Seattle, WAOffice200,000 sq ft Sold
  • Plaza East

    Bellevue, WAOffice156,000 sq ft Sold
  • Skyline Tower

    Bellevue, WAOffice408,000 sq ft Sold
  • Sunset North

    Bellevue, WAOffice463,000 sq ft Sold
  • U.S. Bank and Plaza Center

    Bellevue, WAOffice481,000 sq ft Sold
  • Wells Fargo Center

    Seattle, WAOffice983,000 sq ft Sold
  • 1000 Wilson Boulevard

    Rosslyn, VAOffice522,000 sq ft Sold
  • 1100 Wilson Boulevard

    Rosslyn, VAOffice521,000 sq ft Sold
  • 1101 Wilson Boulevard

    Rosslyn, VAOffice330,000 sq ft Sold
  • 11111 Sunset Hills

    Reston, VAOffice216,000 sq ft Sold
  • 1200 Wilson Boulevard

    Arlington, VAOffice145,000 sq ft Sold
  • 1201 Eye Street

    Washington, DCOffice269,000 sq ft Sold
  • 1225 Eye Street

    Washington, DCOffice222,000 sq ft Sold
  • 1300 North 17th Street

    Arlington, VAOffice391,000 sq ft Sold
  • 1350 Eye Street

    Washington, DCOffice364,000 sq ft Sold
  • 1400 Key Boulevard

    Rosslyn, VAOffice173,000 sq ft Sold
  • 1401 Wilson Boulevard

    Rosslyn, VAOffice197,000 sq ft Sold
  • 1501 Wilson Boulevard

    Rosslyn, VAOffice132,000 sq ft Sold
  • 1515 Wilson Boulevard

    Rosslyn, VAOffice125,000 sq ft Sold
  • 1615 L Street NW

    Washington, DCOffice412,000 sq ft Sold
  • 1616 N. Fort Myer Drive

    Rosslyn, VAOffice305,000 sq ft Sold
  • 1701 N. Fort Myer

    Rosslyn, VAOffice280,000 sq ft Sold
  • 2001 M Street NW

    Washington, DCOffice209,000 sq ft Sold
  • 2445 M Street

    Washington, DCOffice273,000 sq ft Sold
  • 2800 Crystal Drive

    Arlington, VAOffice143,000 sq ft Sold
  • 2900 Crystal Drive

    Arlington, VAOffice162,000 sq ft Sold
  • 400 Virginia Avenue NW

    Washington, DCOffice213,000 sq ft Sold
  • 4250 North Fairfax Drive

    Arlington, VAOffice304,000 sq ft Sold
  • 601 New Jersey

    Washington, DCOffice261,000 sq ft Sold
  • 700 13th Street

    Washington, DCOffice248,000 sq ft Sold
  • American Center

    Tysons, VAOffice345,000 sq ft Sold
  • Army and Navy Club

    Washington, DCOffice108,000 sq ft Sold
  • Beaumeade Technology Campus

    Ashburn, VAOffice132,000 sq ft Sold
  • Canal Center

    Alexandria, VAOffice590,000 sq ft Sold
  • Greensboro Park

    Tysons, VAOffice504,000 sq ft Sold
  • Hunters Branch

    Fairfax, VAOffice412,000 sq ft Sold
  • International Place

    Rosslyn, VAOffice284,000 sq ft Sold
  • Liberty Place

    Washington, DCOffice159,000 sq ft Sold
  • Market Square

    Washington, DCOffice704,000 sq ft Sold
  • One Fair Oaks

    Fairfax, VAOffice218,000 sq ft Sold
  • Pacific Corporate Park

    Sterling, VAOffice175,000 sq ft Sold
  • Presidential Tower

    Arlington, VAOffice355,000 sq ft Sold
  • Reston Town Center

    Reston, VAOffice764,000 sq ft Sold
  • Tysons Metro Center

    Tysons, VAOffice771,000 sq ft Sold