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Why Beacon

Places for ideas, people, and teams to grow

Southline Boston - Boston, MA

Work, life, and balance

For us, work is always personal. We think your workplace should be somewhere that helps you feel your best every day—where you can work, and work out. So we’ve integrated health and wellness into every element of our workplaces, from our building designs through our programming, perks, and more.

We have to feel our best to do our best work. That’s why it’s crucial that our spaces consider your well-being, first and foremost.

Fred Seigel, President & CEO

Atrium Campus - Denver, CO

655 Montgomery - San Francisco, CA

Wellness from the inside out

Wellness is at the heart of everything we do from the moment we acquire a property. It’s on our mind when we select sustainable building materials and high-filtration HVAC systems, and as we develop our partnerships and programs.

  • Healthy Food

    The food we eat at work is a big part of our lifestyle. In our buildings, you’ll find great food that’s good for you.

  • Primary Care

    Our partnership with Eden Health makes it easy to access primary and mental health care, in the office or remotely.

  • Wellness Classes

    Whether you’re in the mood for a boot camp or a sound bath, we offer a range of classes to keep your energy up throughout your day.